quadrangle housing
corporate identity
C Pruscha, Architect
folder 30x30cm/3    6 poster 80x80cm    invitation    publication layout templates
The Architects designed a house ready for construction in a city-context. The buildings are not ‘stand alone’, they can just be build in a whole city construct. We designed a mainly in black and white and addad just a very bright and fresh yellow. Though the houses are a square around a small courtyard, all designs are in a square form. The folder has 3 pages, folded. They also needed Posters and a Publication, we also provided them with this material. For the Publicattion they had for time reasons do it themselves. So we created for them templatepages for all upcoming events of image/text/diagram combinations, we defined font, the text and image usage. [as we have done it years before for the airport - skylink project]
website    frontend    Typo3-backend
The website is very simple, we have 7 menu categories where you come straight to the content, with no sub menus. The logo and graphics are the same as in the folder, there where just computer renderings added.
The coding was done by Joerg Artaker with the Cms Typo3.