Website for a decoration
website    1000X1000px    typo3 backend    web book    30x30cm
The Austrian Decoration of Honour for Science and Art [Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst] is the Austrian Grand Decoration of Honour for scientific or artistic achievements. The number of living members is limited to a maximum of 36 Austrian nationals and 36 foreign people. In each group, the 36 consist of 18 for science and 18 for arts. They also have a consulting function for the federal president of Austria. They needed a website and we designed a very simple page, with the main function to list the active members with a short description of the person and a portrait [done by Aleksandra Pawloff]. The main ‘logo image’ was contributed by the artist Peter Kogler, showing a brain divided in its right and left part – representing science and art. For the Presentation the website was cloned for print, the pages where divided with the same seize photographs of the members in black and white, and handed over in a square 30x30cm box. [3 exemplars, for the president and the ministers for science and art]. The coding was done by Carmen Froewis.