Crash Test Dummies
movie credits and poster [proposal]
amour fou, Film Production
movie credits    closing credits    title sequence
‘Crash Test Dummies’ is a kind of road movie. The protagonists come from east Europe to a Vienna to pick up a car. Yet it doesn’t work out and they have to stay there without money, finding a way to return home.
The title sequence starts with a ‘subjective’ bus drive into the city, accompanied by an Eels song, the credits move with the bus into the city. The last scene is the protagonists’ return home, at the border of their country they see fireworks. The closing credits appear in the fireworks accompanied by a powerful eastern European song.
director: Joerg Kalt
movie poster [proposal]
For ‘Crash Test Dummies’ we did also proposals for the publicity material, but did not get the job.