syntax as style
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The lecture ‘Syntax as Style’ t was held within a series called ‘graphics of presentation’ on the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The Institute for Art and Architecture had a project, where the main emphasis was how to present the project. Therefore the students had to find a way mapping one or more days of there life. Therefore they had the possibilities from a gps mapping photo too to a pencil.
‘Info + Info - info =’ was the subtitle of the lecture.
... by touching themes that also interested: Étienne-Jules Marey, Edward Muybridges, Marcel Duchamp, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, Manga, japanese characters, David Carson, Otto Neurath, Hypertext, John Maeda, Alex Gopher, Michel Gondry, Julius Schulman, Vietnam Veteran Memorial, The National Security Archive of America, La Jetée, Issey Miyake, Resident Evil I, Chris Cunningham,...
lecture slides
... followed by the slides