Tokyo funeral
design, graphics and layout for tan architecture research project

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The ‘Tokyo Funeral I’ is an architectural research project, designed as a skyscraper in a dense urban city.
Designed as a 90 meters high building, half of it sits within a 60 meters deep hole. The Skyscraper is divided in a top part with funeral commerce services, a middle part with ceremony rooms, and a base for the ‘urn-storage’. It surrounded by a water basin, that functions as a division between the building and the park.

perspective     schematic     floor plans     section [VectorWorks]
The ‘Tokyo Funeral II’ is the expansion of the ‘Tokyo Funeral’. It is a small satellite of the main building, serving ceremonial issues.
The Project is a simple carving in the ground, creating a path that is first descending and ascending. On the deepest point of the carving you have 6 meters flat terrain, which is on both sides ‘framed’ with thick monolithic stones - put into the ground. Between the stones you can enter the underground-situated rooms. One Stone sticks out of the ground. When there is a ceremony the stone is let down in a 90degree rotation, and blocks the path, on the other hand it reveals with its rotation stairs going down. Afterwards the stone is lifted again and the path is free to path through.